Collateral events

The new cultural centre LAC continues his endeavour.

Between November 2010 and February 2011 “Il Ciani” will accommodate about ten events and activities, organised by the Cultural Association Japan in Italy and created and guided by experts, which will allow the public to assist and take part in rituals and cultural events of Japanese life. In particular, it will be possible to attend the dressing of a kimono and a Geisha, to the tea ceremony, to demonstrations of ikebana, presentations of martial arts – for example the Budo – but also of Japanese cooking, courses of origami and gift-wrapping, trimmings of bonsai trees and presentations of calligraphy. The activities are intended for all those who wish to seize the opportunity to discover or become better acquainted with some aspects of the Japanese culture and fully understand the exhibitions organized in the context of the project Nippon.

address: Il Ciani – Viale Cattaneo 5, Lugano
booking and info: 004158 866 72 14