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Shunga – Japanese Culture Art During the Edo Period

Shunga – Japanese Culture Art During the Edo Period  the Museum of cultures, 23 October 2010-27 February 2011 Heleneum, The natural conclusion of exhibition is the exhibition dedicated to the Museo delle Culture shunga. The shunga, Japanese word that means “images of spring,” is a genus of erotic prints which reached the Tokugawa shogunate period, […]

In Nippon Lugano: Japanese Culture Art Between Myth and Reality

Japanese Art and Culture will be presented in museums and exhibition centers of Nippon Lugano wind well 4 parallel exhibitions on the theme of Nippon: art and culture from the land of the rising sun. The great path with many parallel activities offered such as cinema and theatre performances on this issue. Present at the […]

Araki Love and Death Japanese Art and Culture Museum

Nobuyoshi Araki is the best Japanese Pop Culture Artist in the world who has to his credit more than four hundred publications. Despite the international reputation of the artist, the exhibition of Lugano is one of the few European retrospectives dedicated to him so far. Nobuyoshi Araki’s photography expresses and updates many of the themes […]