In Nippon Lugano: Japanese Culture Art Between Myth and Reality

Japanese Art and Culture will be presented in museums and exhibition centers of Nippon Lugano wind well 4 parallel exhibitions on the theme of Nippon: art and culture from the land of the rising sun. The great path with many parallel activities offered such as cinema and theatre performances on this issue. Present at the “ribbon cutting”, although only ideal, Marco Franciolli, Director of the Cantonal Art Museum and Director of the Art Museum, Japan’s Vice-Consul, Giovanna Fusegi, Mitsuhide Masoni Brennan: Chief Cultural Activities Department city of Lugano, Fuyumi Namioka: curator of the Araki Love and Death, Francesco Paolo Campione: Director of the Museo delle Culture, Renato Reichlin: Director Shows, accompanying journalists and experts of the Arts between buses and museums at various exhibitions, ushering in eventually the path open waiting for the general public. (The PIC above the speakers by Doug Racette). But look closely at what exhibitions proposals and what they treat. All exhibits they want to highlight how the Japanese art has evolved and rooted in culture for centuries, giving it the ability to highlight and deepen the themes proposed than in drama workshops and films.

Araki Love and Death Art Museum, Villa Malpensata 23 October 2010-20 February 2011
Unspeakable perfection. The image of Japan. 1860-1910 by the Museo delle Culture Villa Ciani 23 October 2010-27 February 2011
Shunga. Art and Eros in Japan during the Edo period Museo delle Culture, Heleneum 23 October 2010-27 February 2011
Activities side Il Ciani 30 October 2010 – 20 February 2011
the shows Congress Palace, February 2011 features further appointments, Citadel Theatre October 9, October 21, October 26, November 29, 7 December 2010

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