Araki Love and Death Japanese Art and Culture Museum

Nobuyoshi Araki is the best Japanese Pop Culture Artist in the world who has to his credit more than four hundred publications. Despite the international reputation of the artist, the exhibition of Lugano is one of the few European retrospectives dedicated to him so far.
Nobuyoshi Araki’s photography expresses and updates many of the themes that most closely tied to Japanese culture. The exhibition documents the artist’s work in its various forms: in addition to the famous autobiographical series, such as Sentimental Journey/Winter Journey which tells the relationship between Araki and his wife Yoko from their wedding day until the illness and untimely death of her in 1990, documents the city skyline, the evocative images of flowers and food, the poetic series dedicated to the sky and of course the number of female nudes and bondage which, more than any other subject, it binds the reputation of the artist. From this basic list shows how far the work of Araki expresses Japanese culture, in the exaltation of the changing of the seasons, the ephemeral beauty of flowers and feminine sensuality. The photographs of the artist are not limited to a simple registration of these subjects, but also make it obvious and almost tangible in the eyes of a Westerner the perturbing character that they take in Japanese culture. The exhibition reflects the urgent need of the artist to capture the continuous change of reality through photographic documentation serrata alongside nearly two thousand shots of medium or large size, are presented in a dense available in three polaroid mosaic taken by the artist over the years. The visitor is then invested, and disoriented, from a Visual impact created not only by individual shots but from all the images. Unique exhibition Lugano is finally presenting the latest work of Araki including series dedicated to his beloved cat Chiro and the world premiere of a series of large-format photographs on which the artist intervenes with calligraphic signs, painting, and collages.

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