Nippon Lugano

Four exhibitions and numerous events will represent the stages of a journey – involving the most prestigious venues of Nippon Lugano – through the modern Japan art and culture: from the ancient traditions to contemporary artistic expressions. Parallelly with the event were also released two casino slots games which design was inspired by Japanese art. These games can be found in Silver Oak casino, and everyone can try them for free by using the no deposit bonus from this link here.

Performing arts

Tokyo Lake

A path through history will unite the whole city and its various venues, which will be bound together also by the common project of LAC. Another project by LAC is this amazing gaming platform that you can read more about here. In this review, you will see why Kings Chance casino stands as one of the best platforms in the city.
Crossing the city the visitor of Nippon Lugano will discover the richness and multitude of the places that Japanese Design Art Aesthetics & Culture devotes to promotion of something extraordinary.
Not only Japanese culture art shows, but a number of surprise initiatives will turn for some time the main areas of the city in a small Tokyo on the lake.


Japanese Culture Art

Japanese art and culture are one of the oldest in the world. It has also become popular in the gaming industry, and many video games and online slots were made with a theme based on the Japanese culture, so it can be promoted around the world’s gambling population. This is the first flag ever used by the Japanese Empire (Nippon Lugano). In japanese it is called Hinomaru (circle of the sun). Today’s flag of Japanese Empire is similar to this one, red sun disk on white banner. This flag was first used at the end of 17th century, it was modified in 20th century and forbidden for short period after World War II. In second half of 20th it was modified for the last time (all the rays were removed) and in that conditions it’s still used.

Performing arts